Saturday, October 23, 2010

2PM's Comeback Album


Their album Still 2:00 pm was released last October 10, 2010.
Here are the tracks from their mini-album:

  • I'll be back
  • I'll be back [ Club mix]
  • I can't
  • I know
  • Dance2nyt
  • Even if you leave me

Be sure to buy their album and support their comeback !
2pm hwaiting !~

Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm back!

hey! don't be dismayed ! This week is somewhat busy because it's school's days.. Don't worry! as soon as I'll have a chance to get on the computer, I'll update you up!
Now, this weekend is quite long, so I can update you Kpop news again !

miss E'

Sunday, August 22, 2010

2ne1's Park Bom, a Spring goddess

2ne1 Park Bom becames the talk of the netizens being slimmer than before.

Her fellow member Sandara or Dara reveals '' One day when we were having our vacation, and the weather is really hot, Bom went in front of the aircon and she looks like a goddess''.

It seemed that her lettuce-diet came to success.
Netizens commented, ''She's a Spring goddess indeed'' , ''Her face becames half from her face before''.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 is still in America, working with Black eyed peas' for their album and spending their time practicing.

--nice job Bom..unni !hwaiting !

Rankings of Singers' Most Beautiful Voice Mnet

Mnet has listed the most beautiful voice among Kpop singers and below are the rankings:
1. SG Wannabe's Jinho
2. 2NE1'S Park Bom
3. SS501's Youngsaeng
4. DBSK's Junsu
5. 2PM's Junsu
6. Shinee's Jonghyun
7. 2AM's Jokwon
8. 4minute's Gayoon
9. Super Junior's K.R.Y
10. f(x)'s Luna
11. BEAST's Yoseob
12. Wonder Girls' Sunye
13. 2AM's Changmin
14. miss A's Suzy
15. Davichi's Haeri
16. Sistar's Hyorin
17. Brown Eyed Girls' Gain
18. SeeYa's Yeo
19. 2PM's Junho
20. Kara's Gyuri
21. Secret's Jieun
22. SNSD's Taeyeon
23. Brown Eyed Girls's Jea
24. Ft. Island's Hongki
25. T-ara's Soyeon
26. MBLAQ's G.O
27. Big Bang's Taeyang
28. Ze:A's Kevin
29. SNSD's Jessica
30. C.N.Blue's Yonghwa

They all deserve it, aight?

Are your bets were listed?

--aigoo Junsu is top 5! go 2pm

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rain is heading to Philippines..and guess who's with him.

Grab yourself and hold your breath cause the kpop king Rain will take his first ever concert in the Philippines!

This will going to be a good news to all of Filipinos.
And..wait! that's not the only good news that will make you get on your knees..
Someone will be joining Rain..
Who? Who?

Its the MBLAQ! the group itself will be joining their mentor in the concert.

Guess what?, Filipinos are not the only one to be happy about the news..
MBLAQ's Thunder will be once again reunited with Filipinos as we know Thunder had live in the tropical country before living in Korea.

The concert will be held in SM Mall Of Asia's Grounds of September 11.

So ,better buy your tickets cause I reckon many Filipinos are going to come to the said concert.

--open-mouthed right now.

K-pop Top List

As of now, here are my K-pop music much-awaited list.

  1. Big Bang- Somebody to Luv
  2. SNSD- Genie(Japanese)
  3. Big Bang- Beautiful Hangovers
  4. Big Bang- 1N2D
  5. F1RST- You,Do you like me?Me, I like you

Can't wait for it? Me,too.
Just hold on and wait til they'll come out ! =b


2pm were leaving Taiwan after their successful concert.
Thank you Taiwan!!! Jin tian hen yu kuai! Xia ci lai de shi h... on Twitpic

This twitpic is from 2PM Taecyon.